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ACA Allertor siren

The ACA Allertor 125 is an outdoor warning siren made by Alerting Communicators of America from 1942 until 1980. It has a distinctive design with the chopper in the bottom horn this bottom horn also is an air intake. The noise comes out of the top horn.


The ACA Allertor was designed around the early 1960's as a siren with a metal horn. It had many changes throughout its production run, the most notable being the horn changed to fiberglass around 1968, then to a larger design. The Allertor was a popular choice for various communities in the Midwest from the late 60's, to the late 70's, and served as one of ACA's most popular sirens during that time. Despite being an efficient design, it was expensive to build the fiberglass horn. The Allertor was finally discontinued around 1980, and replaced with the more-efficiently designed P-10. The P-10 used a bell horn and cone intake that was much cheaper to produce.


The ACA Allertor 125 is very heavy and high winds can cause it to fall down. This can lead to counter-productive things happening, tornadoes can easily just push over a defense system.

City's With These Siren

Wisconsin City's: Milwaukee, Hudson, Wausau, Mosinee, Prairie Of Dog, St. Peter and many more!

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